Many people laugh at others for chanting names. The jnana yogi uses his intelligence to realize his ultimate nature, but they have disdain for all other systems. They Laugh at bhaktas and make fun of kriya yogis and karam yogis.

Once a jnana yogi went to Lord Shiva and said, All your Bhaktas keep chanting mantras and doing nothing but adding to the noise pollution just by chanting mantras. what will they get,. Why don't you tell them to stop?.

Pointing to a worm crawling on the floor, Shiva said, "Just go close to the worm and utter Shiv Shambu." The jnana yogi did what he was asked to do and when he uttered Shiv Shambu. The worm died immediately. What is this I just said the mantra and the worm died?

Shiva smiled and pointed at a butterfly and asked the jnana yogi to do the same and when he did so the butterfly died immediately. The jnana yogi was stunned and said if the mantra can kill why do they recite mantras?.

At this Lord shiva smiled and pointing at a deer, He asked the yogi to say Shiv Shambu near the deer and doing so the deer too died.

Then a mother came with a child in her lap and again Shiva asked the jnana yogi to utter Shiv Shambu near the child, at which he refused and said he does not want to kill the child. But Shiva asked him to do so, and when he uttered Shiva Shambu the child woke up and said, I was just a worm, with one mantra you made me a butterfly and then you made me deer and again with the third mantra you made me a human being. Please utter the mantra once again and I want to attain divinity.

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